CEO Brittany Farrior 

Educate. Empower. Execute. 

Brittany Farrior is founder and CEO of iBuild Biz, LLC. Being from a small town, it has always been her desire to gain as much knowledge and experience to pour it into those that she encounter. She is now on the path to doing just that by being a young enthusiastic successful business woman and leader in her community. 

Brittany obtained her B.S. degree in Accounting as well as her MBA from Florida A & M University. She is currently pursuing another Masters in Facility Management. Ready to take on the world, Brittany started her career in Higher Education. She has done exceptionally well and has served in multiple management positions in the field of accounting, budget, finance, construction and facility management over the last 8 years. Brittany has also assisted many small businesses with their new business set-up, book keeping, preparing and analyzing financial statements, obtaining professional business certifications, SAM government registrations and service renewals.

With the experience of working in both her career and a being entrepreneur, Brittany can guarantee that she will set minority and women-owned businesses up to succeed by properly forming, registering and certifying their business. This is her way of investing back into the community that invested so much into her. 



What are we good at? 

Here at iBuild Biz, LLC, our mission is to meet the needs of small businesses by properly forming,

registering and certifying their business hassle free. We ensure to our clients the right formation

and certification for their business. As a result of working with us, our clients can expect

registering their business to be very simple and we GUARANTEE we will assist for the beginning to end. 

We also educate our clients on the several types of certifications. We then analyze their company to determine their eligibility and what certification(s) they would qualify for. We then gather the supporting documents and information needed to begin the application process to certify. Once certified, we ensure that each of our clients have the knowledge needed to translate their certifications into revenue. 


We are committed to educating, empowering and executing a well developed plan to ensure that we will build a strong solid foundation for each business  to be sustainable, competitive and revenue increase. 

Who Are We


Nationally, people of color represent about 40% of the population, but only 20% of the nation’s 5.6 million business owners with employees. The U.S. could have millions more businesses if women and minorities became entrepreneurs at the same rate as white men.

Here at iBuild Biz, we are a fully knowledgeable, educated and experienced women-owned consulting firm whose mission is to educate, empower and execute a plan for each of our clients. We ensure their sustainability, revenue and employee growth, exposure and competitiveness by building a solid foundation and obtaining a Professional Certification that will put your company in a position to win. Also, we will take a look at your company to see if you have been denied and come up with a game plan to increase your chances of approval.